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VBA Programming `
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VBA Introduction

The concepts and principles of VBA programming paradigm. A summary of the basic techniques in the development of a model/System. Structured coding techniques and forms (Includes OO programming).

MS Excel VBA

Background understanding of the Excel Object Model (EOM). How to implement efficient coding technques in the development of an Excel tool.

MS Access VBA

Database concepts - ER Modelling and normalisation. Understand database techniques such as tables, queries and DAO vs ADO. Detailed coded examples of the Access Object Model (AOM).

SQL Server Creation of DML, DDL, DCL with PL scripting.
ASP.NET Using C#.

VBA is one of the most powerful business language out there. By many in the IT arena there is a stigma attached to VBA programmers

  1. Lack Of Standardisation
  2. Unstructured coding
  3. Sequential approach

What we do at RBIT is offer a structured and methodical approach to VBA programming. This will allow more stable and strategic systems being developed with the clear objective that the model/system changes as the organisation changes.


VBA Governance

Defination of standards to provide structured/supportable VBA solutions within an object framework.

Project management Using effective project management during all stages of development
Industry Sector
  • Investment banking
  • Forecasting
  • Operations
  • Utilities
  • NHS

VBA Tutorials

Whole range of tutorials to support the training / development of VBA. The objective is to standardise the approach to coding.

Our Projects

Who We Are?

We are a experienced consultancy providing technical support/development to the business.

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Our Portfolio

Our Recent Works
A selective demo tools in Excel, Access and SQL Server scripting is shown here in our public coding domain, Its Free!
Public Coding Domain


What We Have Done
Our primary objective is to build / support value into our VBA solutions
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Our Vision

View Our Story
Our vision is clear - a supportable standardised VBA framework
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Happy Clients

What They Says
"..They took us from a static system into the dynamic world. Our business changes our model changes.. Its that simple!"
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